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Pacifica After School Clubs are Back

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Bring a Poet into your Class

Slam Poets teach creative writing, stage performance, and social activism in-person or remotely

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Pacifica First Shot Slam

Poets from Pacifica compete in a series of head to head matches Friday October 15th 5:30pm - 7pm

Outdoor Stage - Ocean Shore School 

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BAC Equity Statements

Our position on access, social justice, and equity

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poetry just became a  sport

      As the flagship program of Bay Area Creative, SPARC poetry strives to create art communities in schools. Since 2008, SPARC Poetry has been teaching creative writing, stage performance, and social activism throughout the Bay Area. Nationally recognized artists run workshops in K-12 classrooms sharing their passion for performance arts, and inspiring youth to creatively address the world around them. The program serves over 6000 people per year at 32 school and community sites.

     SPARC Poetry events both showcase the creativity fostered in the workshops, as well as connect other school programs and local community groups to celebrate all forms of art.

Youth poet hosting poetry slam in Pacifica
Motivational speeches about everyday tas

the vision

Our vision is to create a world where cultural sensitivity, social justice and emotional balance promote well rounded healthy people who can lead the way to a society that is thriving with diversity, supported by community and fulfilled in the creative acts of individuals.

After School Poetry Clubs

SPARC Poetry provides the option for students to join Poetry Slam teams through our unique after-school program. Students are encouraged to work in groups and take on leadership roles in order to sharpen their writing, strengthen their performance, and claim victory!

poetry in schools

Enthusiastic elementary school poets hold awards on stage after a poetry slam


Our professional poets visiting elementary schools introduce slam poetry as a game. Students learn the fundamentals of both creative writing and stage performance while also engaging in conversations about personal identity and social awareness. Rather than hoping the kids use up all of their energy on the playground at recess, SPARC classrooms redirect excitement into creativity and self expression. Our programs also connect a variety of art programs to show that poetry, break-dancing, painting, and music are all fun ways to express yourself.

Middle school poets excitedly raise their hand during a poetry lesson


Middle school can be a weird time for students. Our professional poets give students the tools to process the experiences, emotions, and changes that are happening before high school. Workshops will typically go over a literary device and a conversation point where students are encouraged to connect their own experiences to things going on in the world. Rather than telling students what to do, think, and say; we give them a space to freely express themselves. The workshops help build confident speakers, creative writers, and bold leaders.

High school poet performs on stage

high school

Spoken word poetry with high school students is based on topics that are relevant to the cultures and daily lives of the youth. The classroom is transformed into a space with one purpose: To honor the voices and messages of the next generation. Students interact with each other through poetic techniques that provide a launch pad to new experiences in the Bay Area and beyond. We believe that classroom experiences should be an immediate benefit to student’s lives outside of school. Our teaching artists are local professional poets who hail from the same cultures as the young writers we work with.


after school teams

SPARC Poetry provides the option for students to join Poetry Slam teams through our unique after-school program. Students are encouraged to work in groups and take on leadership roles in order to sharpen their writing, strengthen their performance, and claim the power in telling their own stories outloud.

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Bay Area Creative All Ages Programs

The adventure of creativity does not stop with graduation. We also support community based all-ages poetry slams.

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The Berkeley Slam is the longest running poetry slam on the west coast. Bay Area Creative has supported The Berkeley Poetry slam as a funded project for three years. The slam is a transitional space where students who have graduated from our high school poetry workshops can continue to be mentored, write and perform in connection with one of the most prestigious spoken word communities in the world.