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why we  exist

        Bay Area Creative provides opportunities for creative expression and the study of the cultural impacts of famous and contemporary works of spoken word poetry that empower individuals to develop empathic communication skills and foster positive change in themselves and their communities. We work predominantly with families of color in under-served neighborhoods in the geographic areas of San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Berkeley, Pittsburgh, Hayward, Daly City, Pacifica and San Jose.


     We envision a world where people listen courageously, speak thoughtfully and act equitably in times of conflict and in times of joy.

An image of a collapsed building. In the center of the photo in white letters says "I want my children to kneel and pray without the weight of a thousand crumbling buildings on their shoulders". -Deema A 7th Grade

"I want my children to be able to kneel and pray without the weight of a thousand crumbling buildings on their shoulders" 
- Deema A   7th Grade

what is slam poetry?

     Slam Poetry is a fusion of traditional poetry, hip-hop, story-telling, and theater. Students are given the tools to express emotions, challenge ideas, and educate audiences in a creative way. The performances are interactive and entertaining. Slams (performance poetry competitions) are held at city, regional, and national levels.

services provided

Poet Visits and Residencies: Local professional poets go out to school sites to run writing and performance workshops

After School Clubs: Local professional poets start after school clubs that learn advanced poetry techniques

Camps: Kids get to spend summers working on larger performance projects with other activities integrated

Poetry And Mixed Art Events: Local and youth poets share the stage for a few hours of creativity amplified


Professional Development: Professional poets work with teachers to offer strategies on bringing out student voice

Team Building:  Professional poets offer corporate team building workshops to boost morale, inclusion, and teamwork

Therapeutic Arts: Professional poets hold workshops to promote individual and family healing through spoken word

SPARC Ink Anthology: Youth writers and Bay Area Artists have their work published in annual book

Filmmaking:  Professional film makers work with students to create short videos based on their poetry

A playground. In white letters in the center is the poem quote, "My soul was bornon a playground. My heart came from the seasaw; it never stops teetering."

"My soul was born on a playground.
My heart came from the seasaw; it never stops teetering"
Daphne Y    7th Grade


"Imagine women have always been in a box. Imagine the sound of fists against metal walls slowly expanding the cramped space so we can make more room for our girls to escape"
Shelby B & Amanda E 6th Grade

Mission & Vision
Services Provided

 School sites & camps

Map of BAC sites

Elementary Schools

Cabrillo School



Melrose Leadership Academy


Ocean Shore School

Sunset Ridge​​


Vincent Academy

Vallemar School

West County Mandarin School

WCCUSD Schools

Middle Schools

Anthony Ochoa

Bret Harte 

Cesar Chavez


Martin Luther King


Ingrid B. Lacey


Summit Schools

High Schools

Black Diamond



Luis Valdez Leadership

Middle College

Sylvester Greenwood Academy


Summit Schools

Summer Camps

Camp Achieve

Camp Glide

Camp Pride

Stemulate Academy

Upward Bound

All Ages 

The Berkeley Slam

The Oakland Slam

Rich Oak Alchemy Slam

Schol Stes & Funders
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