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Thank you Alameda County Arts Commission for Supporting Arts during and after the COVID19 Pandemic.

To our community,

This is a week of gratitude where Bay Area Creative would like to show appreciation to our generous funders!

Bay Area Creative received generous funding and support from The Alameda County Arts Council. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the support and contribution that their organization granted Bay Area Creative. Our long standing relationship has created opportunities for creative expression that empower individuals to develop empathic communication skills and foster positive change in themselves and the community.

With conscientious advocates like The Alameda County Arts Council, we will advance student success, outlets to filmmaking, creative writing, stage performance, and social activism in classes and camp programs. Bay Area Creative has four key mission programs: SPARC Poetry, REvisions -Therapeutic Arts, Educators for Empathy, and Spoken Works; Bay Area Creative impacts over 6,000 people per year at over 100 different schools and community sites. We are greatly appreciative of The Alameda County Arts Council and their support of our work through their General Relief and Arts Fund initiatives that assisted in funding our spoken word poetry workshops at Ochoa, Bret Harte and Cesar Chavez, Winton and MLK middle schools in Hayward.

Their contribution supported additional funding which led to year long creative writing residencies in the classrooms with multiple teachers at each school. The Alameda County Arts Council has been a longtime supporter of Bay Area Creative providing crucial aid during the pandemic. The arts programs they have helped to fund directly promote well-rounded, healthy people by encouraging cultural sensitivity, social justice, and emotional balance.

Bay Area Creative also predominantly serves families of color in underserved neighborhoods. The relationship between The Alameda County Arts Council and Bay Area Creative has been central to our work and has influenced our non-profit's expansion, its reach, visibility, and overall advancement of social/cultural reform!

Bay Area Creative will continue to showcase The Alameda County Arts Council’s generosity through social media, donor collateral, newsletters, and the official Bay Area Creative Website. We look forward to continuing our relationship and will keep everyone up-to-date on event news, volunteer opportunities, and executive board openings.

Our links to Social Media posts for this donor appreciation week:

Sincerely Grateful,

Patrick Ohslund and Mike Taylor

Founders and Directors of Bay Area Creative

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