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Land Acknowledgement

Bay Area Creative acknowledges that the land where we provide our services was previously stewarded by the Tamien Nation, Ramaytush Ohlone, and Chochenyo Muwekma Ohlone, peoples whose connection to this land we remember, and whose presence—past, present, and future—we respect.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that the land currently occupied by the United States was taken from indigenous civilizations by force, consisting of genocide and cultural erasure. We acknowledge that the cause for this seizure of land was motivated by imperialism which has led to an amount of suffering on this planet that is rarely taken account of by those who have benefited from it. The creation of holidays is a common method used by imperialist countries to mask these atrocities.

Bay Area Creative would like to recognize these indigenous peoples are alive, present, and sustaining their cultures. We recognize that all people are sovereign on the land in which they live and that we, as a people, need to learn from the errors of our history so we can move to a point where imperialism is no longer tolerated in a global community.

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