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SCORES POETRY SUMMIT! Feat. SPARC Poetry and Revisions

Summit Dates: March 29th - April 2nd

Engage with Bay Area poets, authors, activists, and artists for a multicultural exploration of how the written and spoken word can liberate self-expression, start movements, and honor the community. Through a series of live sessions, you will interact with authors, educators, and performers. Whether you are a beginner or expert, fan or practitioner, you will be inspired by the interactive workshops, presentations, and engaging conversations.

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SPARC Poetry Workshops:

Spoken Word Poetry 101 Tuesday, March 30th from at 3pm - 4pm

An interview with Mike Taylor and Patrick Ohslund of Bay Area Creative . Learn more about the performance aspects of poetry and the Spoken Word community in the Bay Area. Gain an understanding of the history of this art form and why it is so important and powerful in times of conflict and joy. You'll learn more about poetry slams, the value of competition, the defining distinctions between written and performed poetry, and the physicality of Spoken Word. You'll pick up some tips and techniques on getting your words from the page to the stage.

Poetry as a Team Sport. Tuesday, March 30th from at 4:30pm - 6pm

Learn from front-line poetry educators who help students write, share, and perform poetry. Learn how the process can transform youth by fostering both a sense of self and a sense of belonging. Join us for a lively discussion on teaching poetry in group settings to help students and young adults find their voices and overcome obstacles. This all-star panel features professionals from innovative, youth development non-profit organizations: America SCORES, SPARC poetry,, Youth Speaks.

Participants: Mike Taylor, Gabriel Cortez, Patrick Ohslund, Colin to introduce/moderate.

Revisions Workshop:

Revisions: Spoken Word as Narrative Therapy. Wednesday, March 31st from @ 8:30am to 9:30am

Revisions is a therapeutic arts program designed by Bay Area Creative that seeks to heal, empower, and transform individuals dealing with extreme trauma. The program works with families, youth in detention, individuals in recovery and in abuse shelters. Hear how the activities and the process related to creating spoken word poetry can create a new narrative for those seeking to work through tragic events.

Participants: Jenna Robinson. Colin to provide introduction and help with audience q&a.

Bay Area Creative Facilitators in Summit (left to right) Mike Taylor, Patrick Ohslund, Jenna Robinson

See Full Line-Up and Register Today

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